The Future Is Built Through Conversation

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One of the biggest learnings I had as a music journalist was so simple. If you gave a person a good amount of time and asked them interesting questions, then incredible insights usually followed. 

If I had only twenty minutes with an artist I could find out some information about the new album or upcoming tour, with possibly an anecdote or two thrown in for good measure. But given a few hours I would experience a very different conversation, one that was more honest, searching and rewarding for both parties. 

Those kind of conversations, where I was given permission to explore another individual's world, became the building grounds of Finding Your Way.  

Some of the musicians I spent time with were famous, many were not, but they were asking the same questions we all do. Questions about purpose, about risk, about following dreams, about what ultimately matters most and how to reflect that in how they live.

Musicians - unlike most of us - have the benefit of being repeatedly asked about their values, their decisions and their habits (although many did not cherish this opportunity). They are given permission to articulate the important things in life, and in doing so they gain confidence in their views, which further reinforces their commitment to turning those views into realities. 

The rest of us lack this benefit, and we can navigate through long periods of life without an opportunity to reflect on where we are right now and where we actually want to go. As a result, our dreams go voiceless and our passions go unserviced as we do life as it is presented to us, rather than life as it could be.

Finding Your Way is my attempt to change that. To have transformative conversations with people from any and every walk of life. The workshop creates time and space to explore a person's world, discovering who they are, what makes them tick and what their unique contribution to the world could be.

Not only that, Finding Your Way also creates a map, a series of steps to take towards the big goal or adventure ahead. My experience so far is that everyone who does Finding Your Way comes in with a big decision, a big dream or a big dilemma to solve. It's been a honour to hear people and help them draw a path through that moment and beyond.

If you think the workshop might be right for you, please get in contact, I'd love to find out more about you and see if I can help.


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