Helping Leaders Rise & Thrive In Their Organisations

Building on the principles of our open courses, we have developed two ways for businesses to engage with Finding Your Way.

The first is a leadership growth track, designed for people who are emerging and establishing themselves as significant voices in an organisation. This course helps them develop their unique skillset to become an engaging, effective and empathetic leader.

The second is a leadership development track, helping organisations invest in the leadership potential of teams within their business. This course takes a group through structured learning about communication styles, dynamic goal setting, self-guided growth, pro-active decision making and problem solving, giving them a shared framework of usable tools for their personal and professional development.

You can read about both these tracks below.



Coaching and mentoring for leaders who want to develop their capacity and capability within an organisation. The track is delivered through a combination of workshop and workplace sessions.

Leadership growth starts with a Finding Your Way 1-to-1 workshop (either on or offsite) and then continues with a three, six or twelve month engagement of 2-hour workplace sessions to help the person move towards the goals they defined in the workshop.

Prices for this track start at £550, please email for more information.


This track is designed as a way to promote personal growth within a business environment. It is a group workshop that can be delivered in one full day or two half-day sessions, with Finding Your Way content tailored to the specifics of your organisation.

Participants engage in empowering material that encourages them to embrace challenge and seek opportunity. The workshops aim to stimulate and inspire, in the words of previous attendees:

"I could have easily done a week-long course - it was very interesting & helpful."

"A thought-provoking day with things to actually take away and use, brilliant!"

"A really friendly environment, made it easy to learn."

"Informative & helpful, I feel a lot clearer after it."

Prices for this track start at £75 per person, please email for more information.


That would be Andy Kelham. Andy spent years developing the workshop format, you can read more about the origins of Finding Your Way here.


If you would like to have a conversation about your leaders or your business then please get in touch.

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