I Could Not Make The Decision In My Head, I Needed To Talk It All Through

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After twenty-seven years working in IT start-ups and rapid growth companies I had realised it was time to make a change. As my wife Sarah and I were returning from a holiday we both knew that there was more for us than the pace and pressure of life as it was.

Four months after that holiday the company I was working for made me redundant, which was both exhilarating and terrifying in equal measure. I knew it was an opportunity, something I had wanted, but I also knew that I could not make the most of the moment on my own.

That’s where Finding Your Way came in.

Finding Your Way was a chance for me to get all the thoughts out of my head and into a conversation, one that created a story. The conversation between Andy and I explored what my story was, which helped me connect my present day to a potential future.

The conversations with Andy were all characterised by brilliant questions - I think that’s one of the things he is great at - and the quality of my answers reflected the quality of his questions.

One particular question sliced through all the fog and confusion when he simply asked ‘what is it you would want to do, that you would never want to retire from?’ That question became a hugely significant navigation beacon for me, and a simple way to articulate everything I was trying to create in the next stage of my life.

Talking to Andy was like talking to a friend, and it disarmed the process. I experienced a very safe and creative environment where I was helped to craft answers to the important life questions that both he and I were asking.


At the end of Finding Your Way I came away with more clarity and more courage than I had before.

It wasn’t just about feeling good, a lack of courage shuts down your creative process and your ability to imagine a different future, so it was a vital necessity for what I needed to do next.

I also came away from the workshop with a plan. We had spent part of the day taking the dream and making it real, which provoked - in a good way -  a set of actions and activities.

One of those was the goal of a paying customer by September 2017. 
I set up my limited company on the 1st of September and I signed up my first paying customer on the 4th of September, which was a fantastic opportunity to celebrate. Within a few months I had my second customer.

I started a business that allows me to repackage and repurpose my experience in the IT industry while also creating opportunity for Sarah and I to invest in mental health training.

I believe that we can help organisations, businesses and churches respond well to people who have mental health challenges, so we’re going to do that together. We’re also going to build in time for ourselves, our children and grandchildren. 

Tailoring our schedule to a new way of living and giving ourselves permission to work differently has been amazing. I now have the ability to connect who I am with what needs to be done in the world, which I love.

It’s not an exaggeration to say that I would not be where I am without Andy and Finding Your Way. That is just the


Keep up with Mark at lw3consulting.com, Mark and Sarah were photographed at home by Simon Bray.



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