90MINS 1-TO-1 

What Next?

Everything has changed. What do we do next?

Take 90 minutes to sit on a video call with Andy to explore your options in a particular area of life. New possibilities are emerging and old ideas are crumbling, take stock of your experience and make plans to move forward in a focussed conversation about your future.

Where: Whereby (like Zoom but better)
When: Whatever time works for you
Cost: £60/£50 (keep reading for more on that)


Everything has changed. There is no returning to normal. 

The last few months have thrown me, you and the rest of the world. So now what?

What do we do with what we've experienced? What new possibilities have emerged? What is gone? What options have been taken away from us? What opportunities might exist as the dust settles?


The big picture is unclear. The big upheaval is ongoing. The ground beneath our feet doesn't feel as solid as it used to.

I don't know much (a few months of homeschooling has taught me that), but I do know that how we approach our uncertain futures really matters. These conversations are designed to help people get a particular issue framed in a way that permits action. So that, as life unfolds, we can approach our life and work with flexibility and confidence, making a pathway through whatever scenarios come our way.

How to handle that work transition, whether or not to step out with that business idea, how to bring your post-covid self to the pre-covid workplace...all these and more are great thoughts to bring to a 90 minute conversation.


For the rest of the year I'm going to be helping people to find answers for the What Next? conversations that the pandemic has raised for so many of us.

The calls will be warm, relaxed spaces that will help you create potential pathways to your preferred future.

They will also be timezone flexible, you don't even have to be based in Manchester (or surrounding areas) to take part. Hello world!

If it's right for you then I look forward to hearing from you.


Two options.

Firstly, a £60 fee payable before the videocall. Fairly standard.

Secondly, a £50 donation to an organisation that is building a better, fairer future for us all. Let me explain a bit more.

I, like you, was sickened by the murder of George Floyd. It provoked disgust, remorse, outrage and a deep conviction that life as we know it must change. I asked myself a lot of questions (naturally), and felt that a simple way to answer some of them was to use Finding Your Way to put money into the hands of those who were actively working on projects that are bringing about deep, prolonged change.

So, rather than just collect a fee per call, I'm urging you to give to one of the organisations listed below. Any donation of £50 (or higher) will get you the 90 minute call at no further cost.

Your money and my time combine to play a small part in something bigger than both of us. That feels like a step in the right direction.

I recommend the below organisations for your donation. They are doing innovative, impactful work.

The Good Law Project: Support legal challenges to economic, social and racial injustice in the UK. Systemic issues need infrastructural change, funding legal organisations is vital to lasting progress.

Kwanda: Empowering black communities through a collective fund for grants and entrepreneurial support. If Good Law is challenging the existing system, Kwanda are building the new system.

Donate, and then contact me so that we can book in a time for our conversation.

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Confidence & Clarity For The Days Ahead

Finding Your Way is a one-day workshop for those who sense that more is possible.

It is for people not satisfied with business as usual. For people who are stirred by a dream, scared by a risk, searching for meaning or stuck in a rut.

The workshop helps each participant design a preferred future that is uniquely theirs. It also generates a map for the journey ahead, so that everyone leaves Finding Your Way with a forward-facing plan to put into action.