Confidence & Clarity For The Days Ahead

A personalised Finding Your Way workshop is for those who sense that more is possible.

It is for people not satisfied with business as usual. For people who are stirred by a dream, scared by a risk, searching for meaning or stuck in a rut.

The workshop helps each participant design a preferred future that is uniquely theirs. It also generates a map for the journey ahead, so that everyone leaves Finding Your Way with a forward-facing plan to put into action.



Finding Your Way uses multiple venues across Greater Manchester, two current examples are Didsbury House Hotel in Central Manchester and Social 7 in Salford Quays. 


A Finding Your Way workshop starts at 9.45am and ends around 5.00pm, adjustments can be easily made if that helps with childcare or other commitments. 


Finding Your Way costs £450 (inc VAT), this includes all venue, food and drink costs. The workshop is invoiced seven days prior, and payment is due seven days after the workshop takes place.

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What kind of person benefits most from this workshop?
From experience, the ones get most from a personal Finding Your Way workshop are those who are unsettled, both positively and negatively. The ones who are positively unsettled come to the workshop with a dream, an idea or a goal that they want to make into a reality. Those conversations focus on clarifying the big thing, drawing a path to it and then removing all the obstacles that stand in its way.

The ones who are negatively unsettled are either stuck in unfulfilling cycles of work or have experienced some disrupting moment like a redundancy, a financial or personal crisis that has made them rethink the direction of their life. Those conversations re-establish the person's centre (their values, principles and priorities) before exploring multiple futures that would validate, excite and motivate the individual to create a meaningful route forward.

Can I read the story of someone who has been through the workshop?
Absolutely, click here to read Mark's story. He's great.

Is Finding Your Way only focussed on work and career related questions?
No. Even if you come in with a business idea or situation to discuss we always go wider. You are more than a job, and so your preferred future will have more than just work in it. 

Does Finding Your Way happen outside Manchester?
It certainly can. If you would like it to happen on a yacht in the Bahamas I am absolutely motivated to make that happen for you (worth putting it out there). Failing that we can run the workshop in your town or city, get in touch and I can draw up a cost that includes a great venue and my travel considerations. 

Is there a subsidised/free version of Finding Your Way?
There is not a free version of the workshop, although we now have a group workshop (at a lower price point) where up to 12 people can go through the Finding Your Way principles together. Employers can sponsor your place at the group or personal workshop as part of your training and professional development, or they can access our materials for leadership growth and development for their whole organisation.

Have you only been a music journalist Andy?
I've had a number of other roles before, during and after my time as a music journalist. In no particular order I've been an art gallery manager, a consultant urbanist, an in-house creative lead, a content strategist and a few other things too. I have taken some risks, made a few pivots and followed my passions, something I encourage all workshop attendees to do too!

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